Wear that hole-y T-shirt!

Comfort.  We look for it in many different places.  Whether it be a pair of sweats, a sweatshirt, our favorite cup to drink hot tea, a scent, a song, a tree.

For me lately it has been the show, The Office.  I was thinking last night, while I was watching, that it seems strange to me that I am finding solace in this show.

Averi, my youngest left for her second year of college Sunday night.  She is only 30 minutes away but having her hug me and get in her car and drive away felt heavy and sad.

So I came in the house and turned to Netflix and The Office.  It wouldn’t work.  What?!?! Freaking Netflix.  I felt at a loss.  Not a detrimental loss mind you, I have a little better grasp on reality than to let this spiral me.  I did however notice that it was upsetting at a higher level than I would have thought.  I wanted the comfort of Jim and Pam’s budding relationship, Jim and Dwight’s antics, Michael’s total obliviousness.  It brings me comfort.

I believe we have to find comfort where we can.  I hesitate to type this because I am also aware that I have to be cautious where I find solace, it can often be in a bottle of wine and while in moderation I don’t think that is terrible, the Office poses less issues, for me.  Unless I stop showering, leaving the house, paying my bills and binging the Office, that might be an issue but hey, if I do that Netflix will cancel me and then I can’t watch at all!  So showering and leaving the house will continue.

For now, the Office will provide for me the comfort I need while I adjust to Averi being gone.  I will make sure that I don’t stop being social, leaving the house….showering.

I hope that each of you have something that provides you comfort when you need it.  I believe it is a fine line between good ol’ sadness and depression.  Depression is a sneaky bitch, happens sometimes so subtly.  So find your comforts, what soothes your soul.  Then get your ass outside in some sunshine!

Be kind to yourselves!


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